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Two white monkeys The Ramayana is called Ramakian in Thai and Reamker in Khmer. The story origins from India and is based on a Sanskrit epic of ancient origin. In many Asian countries the story is part of the basic primary school curriculum and is known by every child. Images from Ramayana are seen in temples and elsewhere, and various episodes are favourite subjects for traditional epic dances, puppet theatre and shadow theatre.

The present note is an extract of three publications, all of which are warmly recommended:

These publications highly add value to each other, but they use different names for the many characters in the tale.

The present note uses the names from the Thai Ramayana publication.

The photos are from the rural paintings at Wat Phra Kaeo (the Temple of the Emerald Buddha) in Bangkok. Equally famous are the Ramayana stone carvings at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.